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Edmonton Basement Development – Why a Basement Suite?

Many people simply use their basement as storage for christmas decorations and junk. Why not use it to help make you money? The space is already there, it simply needs to be finished. That’s where we come in! A legal basement suite just makes financial sense, no matter what your reason is:

  • Available grants thru the city of Edmonton (See links tab)
  • Increases value of the property
  • Provides additional income
  • Pull equity or use income to pay-down other debts (try to pay loans off with the higher interest rates first; credit cards, lines of credit, student loans, etc.)
  • Independent living space for family or friends
  • Provides affordable housing in developed neighborhoods
  • Can help you sell your home faster and for more $ (legal suites are in short supply in the Edmonton area)
Edmonton Basement Development

Things to Consider

Proper planning is a key component to any successful business. And make no mistake about it, a rental suite is a business. It is always best to have a long term plan and to be proactive rather than reactive. Below is a network of experienced professionals to guide you or at the very least, answer any questions you may have. If you already have a trusted team in place great, if not, please view some of our “preferred partners”.

Organization is also important, so make sure you keep such things as:

  • copies of inspection reports from the city
  • manuals and warranty information for appliances
  • receipts
  • city appraisals/property tax receipts
  • paperwork from appraiser: before and after value
  • real property reports
  • lease agreements
  • utility bills

These documents will be invaluable, not only to you, but also to potential buyers down the road.

Mortgage Brokers

Ron Lefebvre
7525-101 ave
Edmonton, AB

Denise Wareham
100, 2018 Sherwood Drive
Sherwood Park, AB


Christian Thut


Nicholas Dennis
Marano & Dennis Group
780.975.2376 780.436.1162 ext. 116

Graham Ogden
Remax River City
2852 – Calgary Trail NW
Edmonton, AB

Edmonton Basement Development

Questions to Ask

  • What are the tax implications for the income I will earn from my suite?
  • If and when I sell my property is the money claimed: tax free, capital gains or fully taxable?
  • Can I use this income to help qualify for the purchase of additional properties?
  • What is the pre-reno and post-reno value of my property?
  • What sort of rental income can I expect upon completion?
  • Upon reappraisal of my property should I:
    • lock into a mortgage at a lower interest rate? Set up a line of credit, so I can gain access to additional funds?
    • Pull the equity for other expenses or investments? etc.
  • Can I apply for a construction loan?
  • Should I purchase my rental thru my corporation or personally?

What Others Are Saying

  • "Great company. I have used dustin on multiple renovations. Job has always been completed on time and at a desent rate. I highly recomend him and will use again in the future."
    Cory Wood
  • "Dustin is a pleasure to deal with. A very personable straight up honest hard working fellow. I highly recommend him."
    Dan Julio
  • "Great company! We were very satisfied with the project they did for us. They were reliable, did quality work and had fair pricing. The owner is super easy to deal with too. We highly recommend them."
    Nicholas Dennis
  • "I have known and worked with Dustin and his crew for almost 7 years. I use his company exclusively now for my projects that involve plumbing and gas, and have had him act as a general contractor on several projects. The work is done very professionally, on time and the budgets are adhered to. What more can I say... this guy's great and there's no BS!"
    John R. Jones
  • "We recently had Dustin and his team finish our basement. At the estimate stage he gave us a clear vision of what the basement would look like. With that being said, the finished product exceeded our already high expectations. His quote was in the same ball park as other quotes. His estimated timeline was bang on. Dustin was professional and approachable. He really listened to what our wish list was, and he made excellent suggestions to compliment our vision. He did on excellent job of keeping us informed of what trades were going to be here on which days. All the tradesmen were professional, friendly, and hardworking. Dustin and all of his team exhibit a high-level of craftsmanship."
    MarcCompleted Basement, Edmonton